Janet talks to her friends

Janet’s current condition makes it very difficult for her to have the energy to receive personal visits from her friends. Because there are so many who love her and want to visit, her family decided to video tape her sharing some thoughts that she wants her friends to know. Click the video link above to hear those thoughts.

Please feel free to leave comments. Janet would love to hear from her friends.

28 Responses to “Janet talks to her friends”

  • Bob Jr. Says:

    I love you Mom. You’re a brave and courageous woman. I’m so proud of you. I admire how you are doing battle with the cancer. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else. Ever.

  • Lorene Wright Says:

    Hi Mom!
    I’m so thankful for you. You are my friend as well as my mom. I’m so glad that we live close enough to each other that our lives are intertwined!

    I love you!

  • Jennifer Oliver Says:

    Hi, Mrs. Hancock. We have loosely followed you via your loving family – and are thrilled to know that soon Jesus will knit you and ALL of us back together the ways that He intended! May He give you precious peace right now, caressing you with His Breath, filling you with Himself in total love.

    Jenny, St. Helena

  • Nanette Robinson Haley Says:

    I sent my love. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Lyn Young Says:

    Jan,over the many years, I have grown to love you and appreciate you.You have taken the gifts God has given you and helped and blessed so many in His name.I thank you for that.
    Please take the peace that Jesus gives and rest in Him.
    Love Lyn

  • Valarie Young Says:

    Thank you for sharing your love of God and concern for all your friends in this heartfelt video. It was a joy to listen to your testimony of how our Heavenly Father has sustained you. May Christ’s love surround you and His Spirit continue to sustain you. Thank you for always showing love and concern for our family and sharing your wonderful gift of hospitality with my family so many times. This old world is melting down and soon, very soon we will see the our King. A big hug to you dear Jan. I really appreciated your love and care you showed Solana, she treasured your attention. I love you, Valarie

  • Solana Jost-Young Says:

    Dear Aunti Jan,
    I love you sooooo much! You have been an inspiration to me. Your faith and love in Jesus is comforting through these hard times. I am praying for you and the rest of the family.

  • Carolyn Drollinger Says:

    How blessed we are to be part of this wonderful family of believers, and to have assurance that our loving Father filters all that comes through His wisdom and His love. I love the message of Isaiah 43 – no matter what our situation He is right there beside us, preserving us for eternity with Him. I’m praying His presence will be with you in a very real way, that His strong arms will hold you close to Him – with love, Carolyn

  • Susan Haynal Jenson Says:

    Hi Mrs. Hancock! I am forever grateful to you and your family for taking me in as part of your family during my college years when it was too far for me to go home. I really enjoyed those times together. Thank you for your words of faith and love in the video. I liked what you said at the end about heaven–“not one missing”. That is my prayer also. Love and prayers, Susan

  • Daisy Nelsen Nieman Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,

    Will always remember you as my teacher in hydrotherapy. Enjoyed social activities at your home many times over the 4 years that I attended Weimar College. And I did figure out how to not laugh all the time. May God bless and keep you.
    Daisy Nieman

  • Elizabeth Steinweg Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,
    I have very fond memories of coming to your house for pre-marital counseling and then you were so kind as to let us leave all our wedding presents in your living room our first honeymoon night 🙂 The next morning we came over and opened them all right there in your home. What a sweet home away from home you and your husband provided for us to be able to start our life together! Thank you for letting your gift of hospitality flow out to all the students there at Weimar! You were always such a positive and encouraging light in all of our lives. It really meant a lot. The hydrotherapy class was lots of fun too! Will never foget that! May God hold you in His very capable and loving hands during this difficult time in your life. We are praying for His healing hand to be placed upon you and for His will to be done in your situation. Looking forward to seeing you soon–if not here, IN HEAVEN! Love in Christ, Elizabeth Ruppel Steinweg

  • Michelle Dressler Says:

    Hi, Janet;

    I’ll always remember sharing fun times with you at Thanksgiving and Christmas in Angwin with my adopted family, the Benners. Thank you for being my friend, and for the kindness you’ve always shown me. We certainly had some great conversations!

    Your legacy shines through your beautiful grandchildren, 3 of whom are my adopted “kids”, Stephen, Kathryn, & Carolyn. I also want you to know I treasure their mother, Denise, who is an amazing woman! She always cheers me up, and is a wonderful confidante. So, well done, Janet!!!

    I wish you peace and love.


    (In case you need a memory jogger, like I always do, I’m Marion and Andy Dressler’s granddaughter.)

  • Laural Drollinger Bates Says:

    My Dear Jan….It was so good to see you last fall. You are such a wonderfully unique woman. I often think of the many hours you sacrificially gave to me through the ministry of your husband, Pastor Bob. Being married now, I can empathize even more. Jan, my heart, has a sad sort of aching inside, knowing that you are physically hurting. Also because you have a piece of my heart that is reserved only for you. No one else can fill it. I am comforted to know and to hear how much Jesus means to you and that you do have assurance of eternal life. Heaven is very close to you. The hope we have in Jesus is the only thing that can sooth and comfort our journey in this life.
    I am so thankful for your loving family to be able to care for you. That you can be with them at this point of your journey. They can do what I can’t do. I would be so honored if I could serve you in your need. Thank you so much for giving to me. I love you very much. Regardless how your journey ends, heaven is just around the corner. We can rejoice in life and we can rejoice in death. Thank you for your courage and faith. Your faith is for healing and life and God will give you healing and life. Death for you is only temporal but life is eternal! The morning is coming soon! No more heart ache. No more suffering. No more pain. And No more death! Hallelujah! Our prayers are with you and your family at this time.

    With Surrendered Love,

    Darrell and Laural Bates

  • Kathleen Cook Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,

    I have fond memories of your energetic and bubbly personality and of your hospitable and fun-loving spirit. You were a positive influence in my Weimar experience. I appreciated your leadership on the campus as well as that of Elder Hancock. My deep thoughts and prayers are with you both at this time. May God hold you in his loving arms as you travel through this valley.
    In His Love,
    Kathleen (Moore) Cook

  • Brian Bilbrey Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,

    I have cherished memories of your love and gift of hospitality that you have showed many of us students at Weimar. Your Godly example along with Elder Hancock has been an inspiration for me. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

    Servant of the Most High God and Your Friend

    Pastor Brian Bilbrey

  • Keith Aguirre Says:

    Mrs. Hancock, I can see that the Lord is with you and loves you. Thank you for your exuberant version of the love of Jesus and His Father. Thank you for being part of my Weimar experience as well. The Lord is your Shepherd!

    In Yeshua’s name…Peace to you!

  • Doug Sandquist Says:

    Hi Janet, You and Bob are in my thoughts and prayers…

  • David Goymer Says:

    Dear Janet,
    Leah & I remember staying with you and Bob a few months prior to our wedding. Thank you for sharing your vivaciousness and delightful love for the Lord. You are one of the Creator’s princesses. He will take very good care of you.
    With love,
    David Goymer

  • Autumn McMinimy Says:

    Hi Mrs. Hancock!

    I haven’t seen you in 20 years and you look beautiful on the video with your gorgeous white hair! And you still have your adorable dimples!

    I have so many great memories of you at Weimar. I always admired you, your classes were some of the most interesting that I took there. And you were always so down to earth. I loved your mothering spirit that spilled over to us all.

    I’m sorry for your illness…..but yes! We will all spend eternity with each other where there will be no more tears or sorrow or sickness. I can’t wait to see you again in that beautiful place!!

    Praise the Lord for all the beautiful love and kindness He has shown through you! God bless you dear lady……..I’ll meet you in heaven! 🙂


  • Cindi Coffen Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,
    How inspiring you always were when we worked together at Weimar. I loved taking classes from you too and loved your happy outlook on life. You have been an inspiration to me and I have many fond memories of my college experience because of you. My prayers are with you, Elder Hancock, and your family during this challenging time. See you in Heaven for sure!
    Cindi (Thompson) Coffen

  • Wendy (Wallace) Siapco Says:

    Dear Mrs. Hancock,
    I’m sorry to hear of your battle with cancer! But I can see from the posted video that you are still an optimistic and faithful Christian woman. I enjoyed all my time spent in your home at Weimar. You were welcoming and kind to me. I enjoyed taking a class from you; I could always count on you to be cheerful. The most important thing I learned from you, though, was not in class. You told me once that when you lost your first husband you never let yourself ask “Why me?” To me at that time your faith was inconceivable but I have always remembered that lesson. And now understand the wisdom of it. I look forward to seeing you again–someday soon 🙂
    Wendy (Wallace) Siapco

  • Heidi and Brian McMahon Says:

    Dear Janet,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you and your family so very much, and look forward to heaven when all pain, suffering and death will be forever gone. Keep your eyes on our wonderful Savior and Lord. He is our strength!

    With our love,

    Brian and Heidi McMahon

  • Jon Reynolds Says:

    Hi Janet:

    I’ve never met you but I do know your son Bob. Bob has become one of my closest friends – largely because he is a better man than most any other person I know.

    Thank you for raising such a good man.

    I’m praying for you and your family, and perhaps I get to meet you someday 🙂

  • Douglas Garcia Says:

    Dear Jan,

    I just learned of your situation today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult trial. I look back fondly on the time I got to spend with you and your family during my college years at Weimar. It was a pleasure to become acquainted with you all!

    May God be by your side and may His angels comfort you. Since you’ve accepted His salvation, you already have the greatest gift He could give. With that gift will come healing as well… either now or at the second coming, but it will come. I too look forward to the time when God will put our planet back to normal and we can be the happy healthy people He intended. God bless.

  • Joyce Johnson Drake Says:

    Dearest Jan,
    Memories of my year of volunteering at Rumah Sakit Advent in Bandung, Indonesia are intertwined forever with your family. How I enjoyed spending weekends in your home at the college and waking up in the morning to the voices of your children, the Saturday night sing alongs with Pastor Bob’s guitar, …… You will always be an inspiration to me of the influence of a Godly woman. I am so thankful that our paths have again crossed during the past year or so and that Jim has been able to meet you and your family. May Jesus come soon so we can be together with Him throughout eternity.
    Lovingly, Joyce

  • Kevin Says:

    Dear Jan & Bob:

    I rejoiced to hear of the cancer being “gone” a few months ago. Though I am sad to hear the cancer has returned, I can still rejoice because of the hope and courage you have in Jesus Christ. I so appreciate the video and testimony you share. Thank you and bless you. I have been blessed by your hospitality and love for Jesus. You both are cherished friends of mine and my wife Michelle. Our prayers are with you. Though we are given yet another reason to look forward to the day when all death, sorrow, sickness and suffering will be forever terminated, we seek now to make life valued the more.

    With Christian love and affection,
    Kevin and Michelle James

  • Adink Sudrajat Says:

    Mrs Hancock and the rest of the Hancock are special to me, to bu Mien and to Kardy, we feel very very sorry for this lost. last pray of her when her lost come to my country was that no one would miss the resurrection day and the great gathering on Jesus coming day.

  • Lois (Muprhy) Wade Says:

    Dear Hancock Family,

    Thank you for sharing your mom with all of us. She was a very special lady. I have many warm memories of her… mostly of her treating me as if I were her own kid and welcoming me into her home.

    I’m more grateful for her life and ministry touching mine than I can find words to adequately express.

    Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers as we face a world without your mom/wife.

    Thank heavens that Our God has been through the whole death and dying thing… and that He has made it possible for us to meet up with her again. (hopefully sometime soon!)


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